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Carl R. Hornbruch Woodworking

Restoration for Furniture Renovation for Home.

About Us

Carl R. Hornbruch Woodworking was founded in 1983 as Carl's Furniture and Cabinet by myself, Carl R. Hornbruch. I am the sole owner, operator and woodworker of the business and have been for the past 28 years. I started with a small shop in Berwyn, PA and as my business grew I decided to move the shop to my own backyard to be closer to the family I had started. I continue to operate my business from that same shop and have broadened my skills and services so much that I have had to rename the business just to incorporate all that I can do. The name may have changed, but the quality is everlasting. 

I started my life in woodworking as an apprentice in a furniture shop in Berwyn, PA when I was 15 years old. I have been doing what I love ever since with more than 45 years of experience behind me. I recently took over William Thomas Builder, Carpenter, a business that has been in the Chester County area for more than 60 years. I was close friends with the owner and his son. After the passing of Bill Thomas' son, John, I helped Bill keep the William Thomas Builder, Carpenter name alive in Chester County. We worked side by side for many years and when he planned to retire he passed his customers on to me, so that they may always have someone to rely on for all their woodworking needs. I still continue to work for those same customers, giving them the same care that Bill and John once did. For woodworkers like myself, Bill and John woodworking and carpentry are not just a passion, but a way of life.

Quality you can trust.