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Carl R. Hornbruch Woodworking

Restoration for Furniture Renovation for Home.

Testimonials from Previous Customers:

"I met Carl through a friend who was having work done on his home, so when my fiancé and I found our sliding door had a 2 inch gap along the top and our heater was broken we immediately called him. He not only repaired my sliding door, but helped me get a new one at a small cost. Carl also looked into our heating system, noticed what needed to be done and knew exactly who to contact to get us in touch with the right specialists. He came out on 2 emergency phone calls (one as late as 10pm) to help us maintain the heat in our home. He let us borrow a portable heater as we waited for parts on our 20 year old heating unit. Carl's associates were able to track down parts no longer found in stores. In 5 days our drafty door was fixed and our heating system was back in working order to last us until spring. We will definitely call Carl this spring as we continue to repair and remodel our new home."

Richard          Jan 2013